How Do I Make Use Of Natural Medicine To Survive A Long Healthy Life?

If I was a young woman, we visited my grandmother in California rather frequently. She had been a herbalist and she always thought in obat kuat, and has been in quite good health. Actually, she died at age 89. She had never been to a physician, not for anything. She was a really good mentor and that I consumed everything that she educated me. She informed me about the herbs that she employed for my mom and her sisters. My mom died this past year in 93, her husband died at 89 along with her other sister’s still alive nicely at 92. Additionally, I went into the library and investigated more things in my own. I purchased herb publications written by different individuals, and also how I’d validate my research is that if at least 7 or 6 writers agreed, I’d take that information and keep it in my documents. Another thing I did was to make use of the herbs to examine them to see whether they worked. How do I inform others when I didn’t have firsthand information on their own validity? Other times, I’d do a research when folks would choose the herbs, and write down my own findings. I am aware that people respond differently, so that I took that into account.

Together with all the above 40 years experience with vitamins and herbs, I understand that I have invaluable information that I’m placing in the publication that I’m currently writing. I was able to keep all of my documents, which are going to be printed in the publication. There’ll be a few things that most people haven’t heard about.

My goal is to assist individuals to locate ways to utilize natural medicine and live a long healthy life. While I read the newspaper each single day, it saddens me to see just how so many men and women are dying young. Many times it states that they lost their struggle with cancer. Among those chapters in my novel is all about relieving cancer, cardiovascular disease and a number of other maladies. There are choices, but folks simply don’t know about these.