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WHAT’S A BERNEDOODLE? A Bernedoodle is caused by crossing the regal, cheerful Bernese Mountain Dog using the lovely, intelligent Poodle. This splendid cross breed dog will show the desired characteristics of both Bernese and the Poodle, making them exceptionally popular as a great family companion dog. They get along fantastically with other family pets and are amazing with kids. Bernedoodles aren’t a “so called” watch dog but will bark to alert you to strangers. They can be pretty but not too active. Bernedoodles are utterly dedicated to their family members and an extremely social dog. They therefore are joyful and adore participating in family activities and eager to handle any job you as of these provided that they are able to be by your side. You will not find a more faithful, faithful, loving, tender natured dog that a Bernedoodle.

SIZES AND COLOURS…. Bernedodles come in a variety of sizes and colors. It certainly depends upon precisely what colors the Poodle displays in their pedigree and the size of every parent. Back crossing to the Poodle in the place of the Bernese to additionally ensure they pass along the more allergy friendly coat qualities we now only offer the Standard size Bernedoodles establishes generations. We could simply estimate the ultimate height/weight ranges in our pups on the basis of how big our parents we match together although we attempt to get close. Bernedoodles come in various colors but most common will be Phantom and the conventional Tri Color. Other colors contain the more uncommon Sable, Parti and Brindle. LIFE SPAN….Bernese Mountain Dog as a strain, are understood to have a variety of health problems that may result in a shorter lifespan for the dog. By crossing the Bernese using the Poodle, we create a lot fitter, more joyful dog with the desirable hybrid energy that significantly reduces the likelihood of these inheriting any “strain connected” health problems.